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Your Chance to be Heard

There is something wonderful going on in the Catholic Church right now that I would like to make you aware of. Pope Francis has called a “Synod,” but this is unlike any other synod before. For centuries, the Church has held synods of bishops, theologians, Vatican heads, and so on. But this Synod is a synod of the people - you, your friends, neighbors, relatives, anyone who would like their voice heard, their suggestions considered, their concerns considered as we “journey forward.”

This Synod is being conducted at the parish level all across the world. In this intentional process of mutual listening, Pope Francis wants us all to rediscover the joy of being the People of God who journey together, listening to each other and those around us.

In my parish, there are three ways to participate and have your voice heard. Yet, you do not need to be in my parish, Blessed Sacrament in Scottsdale; you don’t even need to be a Catholic to participate.

The FIRST option is to complete a brief online anonymous questionnaire containing a few open-ended questions that seek to gain your input on where the Church is now and how we can all better move forward together.

The SECOND option, for those who wish to participate in person, is to attend an in-person listening session at Blessed Sacrament Parish, 11300 N. 64th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. The dates for these sessions are:

· Wednesday, March 23 at 6.00pm

· Thursday, March 24 at 6.00pm

· Saturday, March 26 at 2.15pm

The THIRD option is to download a printable copy of the questionnaire, fill it in and return it to the Blessed Sacrament parish office, by mail or in person.

All three options can be accessed by clicking the link below. The window for participating in this first-of-its-kind Synod will close on March 31, 2022.

The Church is seeking to reach all who are interested in responding to this invitation, so please forward this to your family, relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, associates and anyone who you think might be open to responding. Again, they do not have to be parishioners of Blessed Sacrament; they don’t even have to be Catholics.

Please don’t pass up this opportunity to have your and their voices heard; the Church wants to hear from them and you. Thank you for participating in this important matter and inviting others to do the same.

‘Till next time.

Dcn Bob Evans

March 10, 2022

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