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     Walking the  Parables of Jesus

   A refreshing new approach to  

   understanding Jesus’ Parables

Walking the Parables of Jesus is a refreshing, new approach to enabling understanding of the parables taught by Jesus Christ.  The book is unique in that it treats Jesus’ parables in their original order and context (insofar as a number of biblical scholars have placed them). 

People of Jesus’ time listened to and 

   told stories much differently than people do in Western cultures today

What is especially new and engaging for readers, regarding the treatment of Jesus’ parables in this book, is the application of insights learned from Middle Eastern Biblical Anthropology. People of Jesus’ time listened to and told stories much differently than people do in Western cultures today.  From knowing the principal features of ancient Middle Eastern storytelling, we’re able to get a better idea of what Jesus intended at the time He was speaking, as well as what the evangelists, writing decades later, intended in recounting the story of Jesus’ sharing of the parable.


“I highly recommend this beautifully written spiritual guide through the parables of Our Lord. Deacon Bob Evans’ book Walking the Parables of Jesus helps to strengthen one’s friendship with Jesus.   As Jesus said: ‘You are my friends if you do what I command you’” [Jn 15:14].     - Most Rev. James S. Wall, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup

“In the hands of a patient and careful reader, Deacon Bob Evans’ book, Walking the Parables of Jesus, offers a superb overview of the parables of Jesus. This book is impressive given its intended audience. Usually, academic books about the parables exegete them according to a particular means of interpretation. General books for lay audiences too often eschew going into too much detail about how to interpret and correctly unpack the manifold layers of meaning in all the parables. With accuracy and detail, Dcn. Evans speaks to their place and role in the Word of God, the literary genre and techniques the Gospel writers employed in writing down what Jesus said, and the theological importance of Jesus' teaching for how we live as Christians. One of the key roles the diaconate plays in the Roman Catholic Church is the proclamation and teaching of the Word of God. Deacon Evans fulfills his vocation superbly in this book.” - Dr. Ramon Luzarraga, Assistant Professor of Theology and Division Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Benedictine University at Mesa




“In Walking the Parables of Jesus, Deacon Bob Evans takes us on a pilgrimage, a “walking journey” along the Jordan River and throughout the Judean countryside as disciples of an itinerant Jewish Rabbi of His times. Dcn Bob opens to our senses the sights, the smells, the sounds, the historical context of Jesus’ teaching stories. We become a part of the history of that time and place as we travel along with Jesus and His disciples. We delight in the profound simplicity of Jesus’s parable stories, which speak directly to the experiences and trials shared in our own daily lives. Deacon Bob’s imaginative writing style helps us to engage our own imaginations and to “see” a mental picture as we walk along with Jesus on our own spiritual journey. Amen.” – Deacon James Trant, Director of the Diaconate, Diocese of Phoenix

“Walking the Parables of Jesus is a great gift to all who love Scripture. It is a unique feast of biblical commentary and meditation. Those reading this work will be gifted with more knowledge of the Word and led by this same Word into prayer.” – Deacon James Keating, Director of Theological Formation, Institute for Priestly Formation

“Deacon Evans has written one of my favorite kinds of books: one where the author has done all the work, so you don’t have to. Walking the Parables of Jesus is a one-stop-shopping resource for everyone wanting to learn, understand, or even teach the parables of Jesus. Dcn. Evans’ meticulous scholarship reveals Jesus’ parables with a depth and clarity found in no other book I know of.” - Steve Greene, Director of Kino Catechetical Institute

"From page one on, Deacon Evans grips the interests of both the academic and the person in the pew with a fascinating perspective on the parables of Jesus. Through Dcn. Evans’ expert background explanations and by the portrait he paints of each parable, it is impossible for readers not to feel as though they were sitting with Jesus as he spoke each of these teachings of faith. While Walking the Parables of Jesus is an excellent resource text, it is an even better inspirational servant of the soul!” - Dennis Lambert, author of The Table, winner of two 2018 Catholic Press Association awards.

“When I consider that Jesus intended to teach and draw His disciples and us close to Him by using parables, I am so grateful for this book!  The ‘Details’ are both relevant to the intellect and treasures for the heart.  If we want to draw closer to Jesus we need to read and understand His word. This brilliantly written and keenly crafted book helps us to do just that. Thank you Deacon Bob for sharing such a bounty in this superb book.” - Julie Carrick, Catholic Recording Artist & Inspirational Speaker

"Walking the Parables of Jesus is quite an achievement, congratulations on that. Unlike other approaches to the parables, this book put them in a context of various journeys of Jesus.  I think one of the strengths of the book is all of the interesting background material provided, some of which is valuable for New Testament study in general. I am sure this book will be beneficial as an informative spiritual guide for its intended audience." - Rev. Dr. John Paul Heil, Professor of New Testament, The Catholic University of America

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