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Yes, You Can Believe

Doubting Thomas by Caravaggio, 1601

There are some really good things that have come from this pandemic. We certainly appreciate being with family and friends so much more now that we have been prevented for some time from doing so; in some places, for more than a year. We so miss the little get-togethers that we had taken for granted before.

With schools closed, then opened, then closed again, and then reopened, many families have learned to make the best of home schooling in trying times in ways they hadn’t imagined they could. And they’re sharing meals together, actually talking to each other like they dreamed they could but couldn’t quite manage it in the past. Willingness has made it work.

Others have seen a renewal of their prayer life. Many have found new inspiration in the prayers of their childhood. Couples, families and siblings are praying together like never before. And our prayers seem more earnest, more heart-felt.

In my own life, for family health reasons, I had to withdraw from assisting at mass, for several months, because Covid-19 infection rates were soaring. It was really difficult, like a part of me had gone dormant. I’ve only recently returned to active ministry and I find I’ve been wonderfully renewed.

Yes, things will be better for all of us, and soon.

My thoughts go to today’s Gospel (2nd Sunday of Easter) [John 20:19-31] where we meet “doubting’ Thomas. John the Evangelist recounts the story of how Thomas was convinced that “all was lost” and things would never be better. He just couldn’t believe that all was not lost including Jesus, until he saw for himself.

It took more than prompting from his friends. It took more than Jesus appearing to Thomas. It took willingness to truly “see” the Risen Christ, a willingness to embrace Jesus’ mercy, and believe – believe that out of darkness his new life would emerge. God’s love was always there for Thomas, as it is for us, even when “all seems lost.”

And so it will be for us. This pandemic will end. The end is in sight – not next week, or even next month, but soon. And a new life will emerge, and a new “normal.” Hang on to those really good things that have come into your life due to this pandemic and make them part of your new “normal.” Regardless of your age, make the lessons of this pandemic the best growth opportunity you have ever experienced.

Yes, you can believe, God’s love has always been with you, just as it had been for Thomas. If you’re willing, God can make things better than you have ever imagined, just have faith in Him.

‘Till next time,

Dcn. Bob Evans

April 11, 2021

Scripture references

John 20:19-31

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